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See my DevArt Journal for little update: http://bunny-gypsy.deviantart.com/

I may use my DevArt Journal more often than my LiveJournal because I like doing art and looking at other people's art there. =3

Ack! I have an exam and a 4-6 page paper to write, several readings, AND a presentation! >_< I really despise college homework/projects.
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Gosh, it's been awhile since I've posted! (I also have a deviantart account, and I haven't updated that in forever, either! Kind of lost the drawing motivational spark--for now, anyway!) 

Anyway, summer school's finally over! Yes, no more math and science for me. =3 I can just concentrate on my educational classes (and Sociology and Theatre and required Ethics courses) in the fall. 

The dad of one of my awesome friends had showed me around the media center (in the college I go to) where he works. I had some Digital Arts courses back in high school and freshman college years, so I had some experience with animation and photoshop, etc. 

I would like to work at the media center, because it looks like so much fun! BUT, I would have to wait to see how flexible the schedule is, since my education classes take up so much time in the elementary schools for the field experience. We'll see, I guess.  =S

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(That was just the Sims 2 trailer---too bad the game is not like that--mostly anyway)

Yes, I am a BIG Sims fan! =D I love the Sims, especially Sims 2 (but I'm sad that I no longer have my hilarious gay Yu-Gi-Oh characters and my girly Cardcaptor and Sailor Moon characters *cries* ) 

Anyway, if for any Sims fan out there, turns out there is going to be a Sims three!  Wow! That was fast---here is the official site: http://thesims3.ea.com/
  (Now our Sims can walk around the neighborhood, yaaaaaaay!!)

Gosh, college keeps a girl busy, eh?
Back to my studies! =P

By the way, Super Smash Brothers Brawl ROCKS OUT LOUD!  =)

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Huh. Guess LJ's changing a lot, huh? I wonder what will happen. I have heard complaints that it will become MySpace/FaceBook, which are sites I rarely visit (because MySpace looks very confusing to me, and my computer takes a long time to load some people's myspace pages). 
Hopefully, LJ will still continue to be user (and computer!)-friendly enough to navigate. ^^; 

Has anyone else every used MySpace? (What are the pros and cons about it, is it good or bad, etc?)

If LJ changes for the worst, I will update only at my DA account:  http://bunny-gypsy.deviantart.com/ 

Awwwwww---spring semester (in college) is starting soon!
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Hey, what's up? 

Hey, is SH coming on next Monday? Or is there another cruddy marathon of [include show here]? 

I like Naruto and Ben 10 and all, but sheesh!

Oh. My. GOSH. Tinky is just. SO. CUTE! 

And Stork actually tried to, you know, reassure someone! That was the second most scariest moment after the whole Piper hugging Stork in the Dark Gorge episode--or was it the rubber ducky suit? 

I've been really busy with college homework and educational stuff, so yeeesh. 

My sisters have been getting sick with some kind of cold--- I hope I don't catch it! I can't bear to miss class; I'm already behind as it is! =P Gosh, so much homework!  =(  

Oh, I am SO addicted to Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. I usually dislike 1st person shooter, but MP3 got me sucked in. 

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Yes, I'm still alive, heh! ^^;;

So much homework for college, yuck! =P Essays, reading whole chapters, quizzes, blah, blah, blah. 

And the General Knowledge Test is coming up---this Saturday! 0_x;; Oh, man! I don't feel ready for this test... Then, again, I never feel ready for any test. Oh, well, will have to try to remember basic math stuff again (I'm just awful at even just simple math). ^^;;    

I'm still coloring Suzy-Lu piccy, but I've been so busy lately that I did not really have any free time to finish it. After my GK, though, I should have more time. =) 

Anyway, just came back from Psychology class, which was pretty confusing today, because the professor was drawing all over the whiteboard and writing some biology terms left and right---it was so confusing, because he would constantly go backtrack on certain things. >_<;;  *sigh* I do not like lectures at all, and a lot of college classes are practically all lectures, bleh. =P 

Luckily, the university I go to has small classrooms (the most would be 30 students) compared to the other University that has classrooms/auditoriums of 100-200+ students. =D

(Wow, I am really behind! The SH livejournal just exploded with new posts, man! o_O;; )
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Dude, tomorrow's school! Oh, how I will be bored (and stressed)!  =P 

I am currently coloring the Suzy-Lu piccy--- I ended up making her eyes a little more anime-style, oops! >_<;; 
I somewhat done with Suzy-Lu herself, but the rest of the chibi-gang are no near finished, so I'm gonna go finishing coloring. =) 

PS: If anyone didn't see it, my colored Absolute Zero boys can be found at this link: 

Ooh! I love webcomics! I've been reading more and more of them. 

Here is a link for lots of online webcomics in a variety of genres: http://www.onlinecomics.net/pages/

I totally reccommend these two comics: 
and 'Inverloch' (which is almost at the end of the story and is about 4-5 volumes long):
If you check both of their 'Links' sections, they both have a great list of some good webcomics, as well. =D

And here is a link for furry and non-furry webcomics: http://www.belfry.com/comics/  

Anyway, my dad bought the 'Kimba the Lion' first box set (can't you tell my dad LOVES animation/anime stuff?) and we watched the first few episodes. I think it's really cute, but at the same time, there is some underlying mature themes that are not really looked at in American cartoon shows today. My dad likes that in anime, he says. ^^

Anyway, back to coloring!  

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Sorry if I seemed moody in the previous entry--- the air conditioner broke and it was so HOT (we live in the south, where it rarely gets chilly until very, very late fall or  winter to early spring, while the rest of the time, it's hot and humid).

When I get a job, and have enough money, I am so moving back up to the northern states again. I was raised most of my life up north, but we moved down here several years ago because of my daddy's job. 

I MISS snow so badly during Christmas. =(  And, I'm one of those people that do not mind the chill as much as other people, and prefer chilly over humidity (not to mention, I tend to sweat all the time, so that's why I like chilly weather).

Everyone in the house got very moody, and we couldn't take the heat anymore, so we went to a couple of libraries. 

Right now, I'm on the 5th book of the Harry Potter series, no spolingz pleaze! ^^;; I am a very slow reader, so I have to be sure not to get spoiled as I go through them. 

EDIT: I forgot to add that I found out about this MMO called "Second Life", which is supposed to be one of those 3D online virtual worlds that people chat and get in groups to discuss or express themselves, build/create clothes/objects/buildings or even make a profit and so on.  It sounds like an online version of the "Sims 2", except it's online and doesn't have any babies/children/etc. 

(I loves the Sims series! =D )
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Yay! FINALLY FINISHED! YEEEEEEES! It's still not as good as the pencil-art, and the shadows could have done better, but I'm finished! =3
Took forever, and I'm not really good at Photoshop. ^^;; But, I think it looks okay compared to some of the other pencil-art drawings in the SH fandom.

COLORED Absolute Zero boys:

I just penciled-art and inked (with help from my sister the picture of Suzy-Lu and the gang. Hope you likes! (Will color that after finished coloring the boys). I did my usual art-style, which is somewhat anime-ish, but I messed up her eyes while inking. But, she still looks okay. ^^;; 

Suzy-Lu and the chibi-gang:

My baby (youngest) sister is an awesome inking/colored-pencil artist, so be sure to check out her stuff as well at: morgancluelessgoat.deviantart.com  !     (She drew some male Stork-like characters and Stork as well, but she doesn't feel it's good enough to be put on DeviantArt, heh.) EDIT: Never mind, apparently, she put up one of the "Stork-like" characters up, but she's just having fun. 

Watched the entire Ghost Rider movie.  =3 It was okay, but I think the beginning and the ending kind of dragged; the best parts were when he was riding around and up the building---so awesome. 

Going to the bookstore for textbooks for school, then will (try to, at least) study for the GK test (it's like a FCAT for those who-want-be-teachers-students). >_<
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